WindRIders Prototypes


The creation of Wind RIders’ prototype was inspired by the need to inform the broader Rhode Island community about the benefits of working in the wind energy industry. As COVID-19 spread, in-person tours of the Block Island wind farm had to come to a halt. As an alternative, our prototype seeks to inform the public of the presence of a growing wind energy industry in Rhode Island in a fun, interactive, and innovative way that does not require physical traveling, and thus adheres to social distancing guidelines. 

The prototype consists of two parts: 

  1. A new website

  2. A virtual tour

The website will act as our digital hub, with access to all of our different online marketing and outreach materials. Through it, our users will have the ability to easily navigate the different features and sites of our marketing solution. Additionally, our users will be able to ask questions and provide feedback. 


The virtual tour will serve as a way to engage users on a deeper level. Adding an interactive feature will increase the probability of students engaging with our website, leading to more exposure in the Rhode Island community. 


Additionally, the virtual tour will inform students of the benefits of working in the wind energy industry while still engaging and compelling them. Lastly, the tour will be an innovative add-on that can be advertised through outreach on social media, using our existing social networks to spread our message. 

As we continue to refine our product, all of its facets are subject to change because this is a fluid and continuous modification process.